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The 30-Day Mental Challenge

All you need to do is try

American philosopher William James (1842–1910) yearned to find a practical spirituality, one that produced concrete improvements in happiness.

The Harvard physician grew encouraged, especially in his final years, by his personal experiments with New Thought, which he called “the religion of healthy-mindedness.” I challenge today’s seekers to continue James’s search for a testable, workable spiritual system. Will join me in a thirty-day experiment that puts positive-mind metaphysics to the test?

It is based on a passage from a 1931 book, by Elwood Worcester and Samuel McComb, in which a prominent scientist described radically improving his life through a one-month thought experiment. I have condensed his testimony:

I stumbled upon a path of life…

Let’s repeat this experiment together: 1) Choose your start date, 2) write out the full quoted passage above by hand (never underestimate the value of that), and 3) add: “I dedicate myself on this day of ___________ to focus on all that is nourishing, advancing, and promising for thirty days (signed) ___________________________”

That’s it.

If you wish, email me your results via my website (I neither harvest nor keep emails). I will report the outcome in a future piece

* * *

I discuss the 30-Day Mental Challenge with Duncan Trussell here.

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