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Print of Blake’s “Satan Arousing the Rebel Angels,” 1808

Satanism, Seriously

Is What You’re Seeking Found in the Dark?

Earlier this year, I spoke in New York City on Satanism — stripped of all historical shibboleths, lurid myths, and sensationalism.

Humanity has always recognized an underground tradition, so to speak, and a handful of artists, icons, and seekers throughout history have rejected preconceptions and conformist views of what the dark side is all about.

In my talk, I reconsider the intellectual, religious, mythical, and cultural backstory of what is commonly called Satanism in the West to reveal an esoteric counter-tradition, which is neither evil nor avaricious in any conventional sense, and which may hold the key to what you’re looking for. (The sound is low, so crank it up.)

"Treats esoteric ideas & movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness"-Washington Post | PEN Award-winning historian | Censored in China

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