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"Treats esoteric ideas & movements with an even-handed intellectual studiousness"-Washington Post | PEN Award-winning historian | Censored in China
On the road in Queens, New York.

How riding can return you to yourself

I updated a classic financial guide to reflect today’s tough truths

One of Major-League Baseball’s Iconic Pitchers Reveals the Not-So-Secret Source ofHis Success: the Metaphysics of Thought

Pic by Jacqueline Castel, graphic by Josh Romero

All you need to do is try

Speaking in Chicago, 2019.

One Australian researcher got it

“Are you a Satanist?”

Mitch in Brooklyn. Pic by Jacquelyn Castel.

If you’ve heard it before it’s probably a waste of time

Lose this skin: at a self-immolation ritual in Brooklyn, July 4, 2020. Still by Jacquline Castel.

As a writer, I feared quitting the world’s largest media platform. I’ve never regretted it.

Whether Freemasons, the Illuminati, or the “Deep State,” secret groups are not out to get you…and may have something to teach

Mitch in Brooklyn, 2020. Still by Jacqueline Castel.

Trust me, it really is better

Mitch Horowitz

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